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Public Benefit

Our Activities & Public Benefits:

Chelsea Muslim Community Hub (CMCH) believes the most effective way to promote and spread public benefits within the society is by engaging in community work.

Community Work:

Our extensive, versatile and consistent community work reflects the varied public benefits our charity offers the society. Whether locally at Chelsea Riverside Ward of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) or the Borough at large or throughout Greater London, we have been very active providing the following services:

Worship and Religious Services:

CMCH provides five daily prayers, Friday prayers, Ramadan taraweeh, Eid prayers with Eid celebrations, religious sermons and lectures that focus on family values exposing the dangers of drugs, alcohol, violence, extremism, radicalisation and knife crimes. We also hold religious circles and provide counselling to Muslim families and answer queries from non-Muslims to explain the real teachings of Islam and clarify any misconceptions.

CMCH is open to Muslims and non-Muslims and we have excellent relations with all religious groups and none.

Interfaith Activities:

CMCH is a founding member of the Interfaith Network of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea where representatives from various religious groups meet regularly to discuss ways and means to build bridges among communities and promote tolerance and help each other's understanding of faith and beliefs.

CMCH is also a founding member of the Council on Faith of Her Majesty's Greater London Lieutenancy and is involved in building bridges among communities and in the judging panel of The London Faith & Belief Community Awards held annually at the Royal Society of Medicine, where many charities and religious groups and individuals are rewarded and recognised for their contributions to deprived and needy members of society. We do this to celebrate the unsung heroes of London's faith and belief communities. The award ceremony is attended by Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, Sir Kenneth Olisa and more than a hundred participants representing 100+ charities.

As part of our policy in building bridges with different faith groups and In the spirit of strengthening interfaith relationships, the Council on Faith of The Greater London Lieutenancy holds it's regular meetings at different worship and religious centres like Lambeth Palace where the Archbishop of Canterbury, the most reverend, Justin Welby resides; the Hindu Temple in Neasden; the Bevis Marks Synagogue, which is the oldest in the city of London; the Ismaili Centre in South Kensington; the London Central Mosque in Regent's Park and the Islamic Welfare House in Finsbury Park. Forthcoming meetings will be in more places of worship or government institutions within Greater London.

CMCH is a founding member of London Mosques Advisory Group, where representatives from many mosques in London meet to discuss Islamic and Interfaith issues and act in unity to avoid conflicting opinions that may confuse Muslim congregations and worship activities.

CMCH has adopted the following resolutions during an important Interfaith conference, which was attended by directors from the Home Office and more than 100 leaders of different faith groups in London and beyond at Regent's Park Central Mosque on 15 November 2016:

  1. The right to freely practice Faith.

  2. To emphasise that the practice of Faith is based on prophetic teachings/scriptures of peace, righteousness, moral and ethical codes, forgiveness, humility, kindness and compassion.

  3. To "Build Stronger Britain" and strengthen communities through Faith.

  4. To denounce all forms of terrorism/extremism and hate in the name of Faith.

Educational Activities:

CMCH provides Arabic classes on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm to children of different age groups and maintains their progress annually until they become proficient in the Arabic language. The same is provided to adults by volunteers from within our community. These classes are accessible to all and there is no obstacle to those who can't contribute financially.

CMCH continues it's involvement in the governing board of the outstanding Fox Schools Federation, which comprises Ashburnham Community Primary School, Fox Primary School and Avonmore Primary, through its Representative Governor, who is a member of the Premises Committee, the Standards Committee and is also the Science and Technology Link Governor.

One of the most rewarding contributions CMCH has been making in education is its involvement in safeguarding our children and reconciling Muslim parents with principals and headteachers of Church schools, mediating and clearing up any misunderstandings, resolving differences and strengthening the bond between parents and school administrators for the benefit and wellbeing of all students.

Working with other Charities & Community Groups:

CMCH believes working with other charities and community groups, which share similar aspirations, is the best way to building bridges efficiently and at a wider scale. Within Chelsea Riverside Ward of the RBKC, we had five members serving on the board of the World 's End Resident Association (WERA) dealing with issues and problems affecting the lives of all residents on the Estate. We also established excellent relations with the Over 50 Club, which looks after residents of old age and provides them with a meeting place to socialise, celebrate and enjoy teaching sessions related to health and wellbeing. It also helps them in their daily needs and their communications with Borough Councillors to ensure their safety, security and social integration away from isolation and loneliness.

We are also partners with The World's End and Lots Road Big Local, which empowers local people to make a real difference to their neighbourhood. It's priorities are: jobs, training and enterprise; young people; community events and green and open spaces.

CMCH cooperates with the Salvation Army in Worlds End Estate and with church vicars and priests in the Neighbourhood.

CMCH is an active member of the RBKC Safer Neighbourhood Board, which was set up by the RBKC and the Police to give local residents and victims a greater voice in establishing local policing and crime priorities, as well as monitoring police performance and confidence. We regularly attend general meetings and participate in Questions and Answers sessions.

CMCH cooperates fully with The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (al-Manar) in North Kensington, London and was at the forefront of efforts to help the residents and victims during and after the terrible fire disaster of the Grenfell Tower. We also arranged a visit of solidarity to the Centre and Grenfell residents by Their Royal Highnesses (TRHs) the Duke of Cambridge Prince William and the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry who found it immensely interesting and heart-warming and was evident what a welcoming and inclusive place it is. We even participate in the Board of Trustees meetings of that Centre.

CMCH cooperates also with London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre Trust (ICCUK) in Regent's Park, and West London Islamic Cultural Centre (Al Muntada al Islami) in Parson's Green, which serves Fulham and parts of Hammersmith, and Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation in Kensington High Street. Our cooperation extends to many other Mosques and Islamic Cultural and Heritage Centres in Greater London.

Safeguarding and Prevent:

CMCH is a founding member of the Prevent and Community Advisory Group (PAG), which started in December 2011as a Tri-Borough community safeguarding strategy to protect people and communities from the threat of extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. CMCH has been at the forefront of supporting its strategy and encouraging other Muslim charities, organisations and groups to cooperate positively with the PREVENT Team and the Police to safeguard our children from preachers of hate and extremists among our communities. We also raised the alarm about the extreme far-right groups who seek to divide our society and instil hatred and prejudice against ethnic minority groups.

Moreover, during the years of working as members of the PAG we were able to express our views and present the feelings and sentiments of the Muslim Community during meetings with former Home Secretary and Prime minister Theresa May and former Home Secretary Amber Rudd and senior directors at the Home Office.

PAG continues to respond to the ideological challenge we face from terrorism and aspects of extremism and the threat we face from those who promote these views. It provides practical help to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure they are given appropriate advice and support. Prevent Group works with a wide range of sectors, including education, criminal justice, Faith, charities, online and health, where there are risks of radicalisation that we need to deal with. The PAG which covered the RBKC, Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster Boroughs became a Bi-Borough venture after Westminster opted for it's own independent team and then we became a single PAG team representing the RBKC after Hammersmith & Fulham opted to have their own team.

Our PAG implemented strategy has become a role model locally, nationally and internationally, where we had officials from the United States, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East wanting to learn from our experience in countering extremism and improving community relations.

Mutual Benefits of Working with the RBKC Council:

Our Charity is in contact with many Muslim residents and workers, within the RBKC, who visit our Hub to worship or to get social, spiritual, legal, medical, educational or housing advice. Many of the issues they raise are connected with problems they face at home or at work or at school or in clinics and hospitals. We believed these problems could be solved efficiently and promptly by contacting the right person or the right team inside the Council. Our Charity and the Council have established excellent relations and have mutually benefited from direct and specific referrals, which solved many outstanding issues and improved the life of residents and community members.

There were issues related to living conditions, overcrowding, unemployment, housing and housing benefit, rent arrears, Council Tax benefit, conflict with school administrators, lack of appreciation to the role of parents in schools, miss-informing and miss-leading instructions to parents at schools about their rights and responsibilities. Lack of information about the benefits needy families may be entitled to. Fear from racial and Islamophobic attacks.

All these issues could only be solved by closer cooperation between our Charity and appropriate Council officials.

We have already established strong contacts with top officials (consecutive Mayor's, Leaders and Councillors) within the Council, but we could do more with closer contacts with appropriate teams to help deal with problems more efficiently and rapidly. We have found this approach very useful when dealing with school issues, inter-faith issues and Prevent issues.

Muslims from within the Chelsea Muslim Community (CMC) have been involved in Kensington and Chelsea Council Tenants and Leaseholders Insight Group (TACT) and the Independent Tenant and Leaseholders Scrutiny Group (ITLA). They were also involved in the interview processes for the selection of the Repairs and Electrical Services Contracts, and several other Resident Panel Groups. The above-mentioned details serve as examples of how extensive the contributions of the Muslim Community are and how interactive the members are within the society, and despite the continued and persistent campaign, by some sectors of the press to demonise Muslims, it failed in discouraging Muslims from continuing their positive and constructive involvement in everything that could benefit the society.


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